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In the World Wide Market of Electronic Advertising, Tecnovision has made an enormous impact.
Rundle Mall

Tecnovision Australia was a proud supplier to Phoenix Outdoor for their Rundle Mall project in the heart of Adelaide.

35 Sq Mtrs of 10mm Full Colour LEd Screen received its advertising content over the internet from Melbourne.

Note - the screen is tilted slightly to improve the viewing for pedestrians in the mall.

Tecnovision Australia provided Armani in Sydney with their first LED in-store screen.

It was 3.3 mtrs tall and the highest resolution of that time in Australia.

Brisbane now boasts the latest in advertising technology. BMW Motorline commissioned Tecnovision above many other capable suppliers to provide this installation.

With automatic brightnes control together with the latest control and scheduling sysytems this electronic billboard is an example of high quality outdoor advertising.

This is NOT a Tecnovision Installation ! ! !

Barco, a worldwide expert in LED technology installed this magnificent example of outdoor advertising on the roof of the iconic Young & Jacksons hotel in Melbourne.

92.3 Sq Mtrs of 10mm Virtual Pitch Led Displays

The picture to the left shows a Tecnovision scrolling advertising line around the exterior of the Melbourne Central Shopping Mall.

55 Mtrs of Red LED, this display was engineered in Ireland.

Outdoor / Indoor advertising. This 6mm pitch LED Screen is inside the headquarters of the Mercury newspaper in Hobart.

Installed for the visitors to Salamanca Sq to enjoy this 12 Sq Mtr screen is a perfect example of Tecnovision expertise.

At the mighty AFL ground of York Park /Aurora stadium, this Tecnovision screen displays the changing adverts from Fanta to Alfa Romeo.

Most sports stadia now utilise their large replay screens for sponors' advertising.

Even in outback Whyalla - one of Australia's largest Steel Towns, Tecnovision has a scoreboard/video screen showing sponsors' advertisements.

At a local hotel/motel in the western suburbs of Melbourne, an advertising screen is incorporated in the design of the corporate totem.

This is becoming more common as the price of quality video screens reduces.

Tecnovision Australia is a excellent choice of partner for your next electronic advertising project.